Friday, February 17, 2012

Marc 2 DONald

The Problem with reviewing a SRK Movie as a huge fan is to unshackle the bias that comes with aplenty. But I attempt to review the movie for all that and more it is, other than the maverick Khan. Akthar, his lineage is rich and renowned for the prowess of story telling .Farhan is to live up to the benchmark that he has so refreshingly set for himself with DCH and progressed admirably by the other chip of the old block Zoya Akthar. Considering Akthars, but off-course the expectations are sky high. After priming the senses with edge of the seat sequels like the Borne Series and the recent Jolie thriller SALT , as an Indian , was expecting a Bollywood Production to come atleast 25 % of Hollywood Benchmarks. Alas , expectation are expectations and Don 2 is at best an attempt that is unapologetic and a try that the makers will be unashamed of even if there are ample amounts of inspiration borrowed from the West.Akin to the hollywood face mask that gets pealed to reveal the real bollywood caper. The plot thins & but wins in parts thus .... Mere dushman samajh rahe thay Main abb kabhi laut ke naa aaunga Ek gumnaami ka samundar hai Usme hi jaake doob jaaunga Abhi baaki meri kahani hai Saari duniya ko jo sunaani hai Mujhe pehchano Dekho main hoon kaun Aa raha hoon palat ke Main hoon Don Don Don.... Don lands up in a Malaysian Jail to engage in a dull jail break along with the dreaded yet funny Vardhan. An attempt it seems is to gang up with the baddie who has a vestige from Don 2006 Remake and Don makes good of the same to quell the European Syndicate of drug mafia who were plotting to kill Marc DONald. Lara Dutta is hot as she shimmers in the glitters as Don's aide while Piggy Roma Bhagat remains the inexplicable fetish ,fancy of the kinky wicked Don even as they play cat n mouse from Malaysia to Berlin. Mission Impossible kind off Heist at the German Bank follows and how Don collaborates with Roma , Vardhan and the other characters like Sameer & Jabbar is the later part of the movie. Double Dangers play out even as the wicked man comes unscathed is the rest of the meandering plot. While our janta viewing this can be consoled that the car chase and action sequences , the booms n the blasts ape and seem like a bollywood with hollywood quality gloss , the movie itself has an ordinary execution and an intrigue-less script.That they manage the above with an Indian budget is skillful indeed. Farhan is surely not in his best form and Don KingKhan as usual is sincere in his acts of endearing hamming .Piggy Chops is fit in fights while hotting up the screen in a chase that was hardly needed.And then as the heist plays out so does the adage of Khahani mein twist which sure is the deft touch more Aktharish. End is open ended for obvious reasons. As an ardent fan the most exciting scene was the Ducati riding in the middle of the sea- A menacing stubble clad wicked Khan with Don 3 Number Plate...Its when you know picture abhi bhaki hai mere doston .. Hoping the third attempt keeps up with the promise of what the two sequels thus far promised in plenty flattering to deceive. Note : The fan in me made me watch the flick thrice in 3 D as I was searching hard for the abundance of promise the Huge Star & rich talents of Khan,Akthar had in store ..liked the viewing though thoroughly as an unabashed fan.Some where in the 3rd dimension lurking was the Dreaded Dang Dang Dand Dadang Dang Don !

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