Friday, February 17, 2012

Ranbir RockStar

First things First, Rockstar is a caper that cements the immensely talented Imtiyaz Ali as one of the top rung Directors from Bollywood's newest crop of cinematic talents. Having said that , this stint with the megaphone is a tad pale in comparision to his earlier benchmark of 'Jab We Met'.
The Indian movie fanatic has a peculiar way of watching movies. The movie he see is the one he has already imagined in his figment of imagination.Which is where the expectation factor kicks in and the expectations from Ali are quite high post 'Jab We Met'. The story is simple yet potrayed in a complex canvas for the masses to comprehend. The subject of Rock as a genre is a far fetched plausibility to the masses from the hinterland and as a result the patrons may well be the GenX,Y and Z audiences thronging the multiplexes. Story - The boy's imagination seems to have caught on to the legend of Jim Morrison and conveniently finds it as an anchor for him to seek out his identity & calling. In the process he is being advised and goaded by his samosa loving friends and an interesting canteen character who endearingly dissuades him from strumming & humming opining that true art emanates from the heart which has experienced pain. Not wanting to be in his family business the naivety with which JJ attempts to woo the college hi fi heart throb is picturised with elan by Inmiyaz and portayed well by Ranbir. What unfolds is a saga of how the Heer , the stunningly beautiful ( Nargis Fakhri ) but hardly can act Kashmiri Kali & wanna be RockStar, find fulfilling platonic relationship where the boy aids the lass exploring pre marriage 'joie de vire' - ( a plot exploited many times before , in DDLJ and recently in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ) . Alas this is where the plot streaches and meanders as Ranbir limps without the integral support of the leading lady who desperately needed to scale in performance depth to lend to the love,pain,angst and therefore frustration, rebellion of an erratic Rockstar. What lends is the sincere potrayal & acts of the Canteen Wala, Aditi Rao as a TV Jurno , and the immensely talented Piyush Mishra as a stereo typed music baron. The Yahoo Man graces the silver screen for one last time. Rockstar is a reaffirmation of the talents beyond leniage of the Kapoor Lad. That said , the movie isnt half as what it is , as Imtiyaz relies on the broad sholders of the Genial AR Rahman and the real rockstar Mohit Chauhan. 3 and a Half Stars as the bollywood afficando will want to see what the lads Imtiaz n Ranbir have done with their artistic influence.

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